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Training for sophisticated FA technologies with specific models

For production technology departments today, that aim to improve productivity with small but elect members, the major proposition is to develop human resources who really understands the field and whose flexible ability fits in immediately with his/her position. While the ideal education and training would be use of OJT (On-the-Job Training) at actual production equipment and operations, the reality is, since factory automation (FA) consists of various types of industrial equipment, and the targeted emploees for education have varying experience, intensive training and education in separate training environment is required. BYNAS offers a rich education menu for the element technologies needed at various levels on-site, and meets various needs for technical education.

STEP 1 Learning basics of sequence control

Gain understanding of FA equipment, learn the digital I/O control, and develop a sense for automatic control.

A Learn basic knowledge of hardware in the field, the difference with the relay sequence, and the role of sequence control in automation. The objective is to learn the fundamental item of sequence control and, while improving understanding of typical FA equipment, to work through actual actuator control to learn the "ropes" of the control.

Learning basics of sequence control

  • Learning process control
  • Learning automation systems
  • Learning I/O control

[Learning POINTs]
  1. Understanding the functions of FA equipment itself
  2. Connection with I/O module
  3. Programming creation
  4. Equipment maintenance and adjustment

STEP 2 Learning application of sequence control

Learn production facility controls such as drive controls or analog controls using highly-functional modules.

Sequencer control in actual production equipment is not limited to control of digital I/O signals, but extends to motor positioning, analog signal processing, and other various controls. In this step, select the optimum control model for the control method according to the purpose of the machinery for intensive training.

Learning application of sequence control

  • Learning motor drive control
  • Learning using intelligence units
  • Connection beteen various equipments

[Learning POINTs]
  1. Understanding equipment specifications (equipment configuration) based on controls
  2. FA technology including motor drive
  3. Instrumentation technology (A/D, D/A, process controls, etc.)
  4. Software technology

STEP 3 FA technology with network control

Learning how to create programs for whole system operation.

In the medium-scale FA line, conveyors and other conveying systems link up the processes to manage production information following the items flow. The sequencer controlling each process uses the network to integrate the multiple processes, and generate organic production systems. In this phase, for FA integration technology, user a life-like miniature model of the production site to finish up the control training.

FA technology with network control

  • Design/building FA system
  • Operations shared by learners
  • Change in operation flow

[Learning POINTs]
  1. Establishment of FA learning environment that meets to the objectives
  2. Sequencer network integrated FA general training system
  3. Learning various information management methods
  4. Safety measures

Other FA learning systems and services

Training equipment lineup
From stand-alone level control to integrated multiple modules control

Training equipment lineup

Building an integrated system using the various networks is easy. In addition, we offer connection specifications for terminal blocks, remote I/O, and various open networks. Catalogs are available for more information. Feel free to consult with us.

Industrial robot learning system Learning from the basics to application

Industrial robot learning system

We also provide training systems using industrial robots of major domestic manufacturers. We respond to various requests from schools and corporations, for system planning -> manufacturing -> creation of education texts -> support for introductory education. We also have a 3D robot simulator to serve as an integrated environment in support of robotics learning, in which a virtual robot is operated on a personal computer expressed in powerful 3D graphics.

e-Learning educational materials production
Provides systems that enable learning regardless of time or location

e-Learning educational materials production

With our long track record in FA training systems production, we produce contents tailored to your request.

Dispatching instructors specialized in FA
FA training by a specialist

Dispatching instructors specialized in FA

At BYNAS, we develop original school texts and dispatch instructors specialized in FA, based on education know-how obtained from producing FA educational training system for many years.