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Company Outline


BYNAS Co., Ltd.

Location of

Head Quarters (Sales Dept., Manufacturing Dept.)

917-2 Shimomiyake Hishiike, Heiwa-cho, Inazawa, Aichi 490-1312, Japan
Telephone: +81-567-69-6981 Fax: +81-567-69-6989


January 23, 2006 (Opening of business: February 21, 2006)


50 million yen (Investor: CDS Co., Ltd. 100%)



Yuta Shibazaki


Toru Watanabe


Nobuyuki Nagai


Atsushi Shimoma


Kazuhiko Tomatsuri

Senior Adviser

Akinori Shibazaki


Akira Terasaka

* Since March 24, 2017

Financial Bank

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Nagoya sales department


"Manufacturing Technology" Robot Engineering projects
- Manufacturing various production equipments and machineries such as robot and FA systems, conveyance equipments
- Development of various test equipments and laboratory equipments
- Development of control software such as PLC, servo drive systems and personal computers
"Development of Human Resources" FA Educational System projects
- Manufacturing and selling of FA-related educational systems (robot, FA, sequence control, etc.)
- Manufacturing and selling various industrial educational systems (processing system, control laboratory equipments, etc.)
- Support service for education (creation of practical texts and e-Learning contents, dispatching instructors, consulting)

Main Clients

- Domestic universities, colleges of technologies, industrial high schools, vocational training school, and overseas educational institutions
- Communal education centers, industrial technology centers, science museums
- Domestic manufacturers such as electronics, machinery, auto, and food
- General public

Business Objectives

In factory automation (FA), information technology (IT), and other industrial technology fields, we at BYNAS will work together in "Development of human resources" (education) and "Manufacturing technology" (engineering) activities to contribute to society.

"Manufacturing Technology" (Robot Engineering projects)  

We design and create production equipments using control technologies and factory automation/robot technologies. We are specialized in test equipments and laboratory equipments, and are highly rated for developing software for computer control and data collection along with manufacturing machineries. In future, we will expand this project in the quantitative as well as the qualitative sense to one of our core projects along with educational projects.

"Development of human resources" (FA Educational System projects)  

We develop and sell training tools for educational institutions of various control technology fields, including information technology, and factory technical fields, such as factory automation (FA) technology and manufacturing technology. Our main clients are the industrial high schools, colleges of technologies, universities, and in-house education departments in companies all around the country that are in charge of "manufacturing technology" education in Japan. We provide education systems and technical guidance to assist with developing human resources. Also, our educational tools are adopted in many ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects, and these are in use in technical education programs in more than 10 countries.

Business History

March 1983

When first established (as BYNAS Project Department of UNY Co., Ltd.), operations focused on computer-related projects, with research activities in computer education, artificial intelligence, robots, and other new projects related to computers. Later, project activities came to center on education projects in the mechatronics sector, as represented by FA and industrial robots, which are now core projects for the company.

January 2006

Establishment of BYNAS Co., LTD., and opening of business UNY Co., Ltd., spun off BYNAS Project Department as a separate, independent company.

October 2008

Became a subsidiary of CDS Co., Ltd. All shares in BYNAS were transferred from UNY Co., Ltd. to CDS Co., Ltd., and the company made a fresh start as a CDS Group company. The East Japan Sales Office (Yokohama) was closed, and the sales function was brought under direct control of the Head Quarters.

July 2010

The robot laboratory center was established. In the center, we have installed parallel link robots and various arm robots for demonstration of actual equipment. We provide various solutions in action, including multifunction assembly robots, tracking systems using image processing and conveyors, and sample processing using laser robots.

April 2014

The new headquarters building and new factory were constructed and started the operation. They contain laboratory booths to develop and verify next-generation robot systems by applications and training rooms for education and training. They are going to be the base of our slogan, "Creating solutions with the state-of-the-art robot technology".

Origin of Company Name

BYNAS is a coined acronym consisting of the initial letters of "Binary Your New Application System". It also expresses our feeling "We would like to use the computer technology to provide the new systems that will please our clients."